Dennis Dockham 

Dennis is a Photography buff who likes to Capture Moments in Time, One Photo at a Time.

Having the ability to share Gods wonderful craftsmanship though his photography gives him peace and serenity to express his connection with nature. When out shooting photography he lets the Spirit lead him to where he can capture that exact moment in time so with every photo taken he sees what his heart feels. What we see with our eyes is not always what we feel in our hearts. Every photo he places for sale is a part of his heart and he knows it will bring brightness into a persons heart. 

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Dennis also has a passion for helping other people and donates 10% of all sales to a ministry that God placed upon his heart and is the founder of Disciple of Christ Ministries a Non-Profit Christian Organization that reaches out to the lost and forgotten. You can visit his ministry by following this link to see the work the ministry is doing in answering the call to serve God’s people no matter where they are located .
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